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About Us

This group was started by Harvey Withington. 

I have been a TM1 "guru" for 15+ years now. I helped develop the original .NET version of TM1Web back in 2004 or so and have been involved in so many implementations since then I've lost count.

I know all too well how stressful and difficult TM1 Planning Analytics projects can be, so I started this group to encourage collaboration, standardization and innovation that can benefit and uplift the entire TM1 community. 

I'm kinda sorta sometimes semi-retired from TM1 consulting, but you can't take the TM1 out of the boy. I'm keen to pass on the techniques and knowledge I gained during my career.

Why Join?

This is a place with no commercial agenda where we can share ideas, ask for help and provide support. 

As end-users we can discuss choosing the best visualizations to present data, customizing Dynamic Reports with MDX and the best ways to make PAW dashboards pop.

As developers we'll get real nerdy and discuss our favorite ways to implement currency translation, argue continuous vs discrete time dimensions and share adventures in conditional feeders.

In doing so, we may just improve the quality of TM1 implementations across the board and reduce the number of grey hairs produced in the process.

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